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Carolines By The Bay (Highlights Video)

Rush Lounge (Golden Nugget, Atlantic City)

Village Pub (Highlights Video)

Laughing Fox Tavern (Highlights Video)

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  • Jeni: Lead Vocals
  • Sean: Lead Vocals
  • Joe: Lead/Backing Vocals & Guitar
  • Bill: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Bob: Drums & Backing Vocals

About Radio Revolution:

Radio Revolution is the ultimate party cover band, a four-piece musical powerhouse that knows no boundaries when it comes to entertaining crowds. Hailing from New Jersey, this versatile band brings a fresh and energetic approach to a wide range of musical genres, ensuring that every event is a non-stop celebration.

Musical Style:

Radio Revolution is renowned for their ability to seamlessly transition between genres, making them a perfect choice for events that demand diverse musical styles. Whether it’s the timeless classics of rock, the latest Top 40 hits, the grooves of rap, or the infectious beats of dance music, the twang of country they deliver it all with style and flair.

Live Performances:

What truly sets Radio Revolution apart is their electrifying stage presence. Jeni & Sean’s dynamic vocals, backed by the exceptional musicianship of Joe, Bill, and Bob, create an unforgettable live experience. Their shows are high-octane, engaging, and designed to keep the audience on their feet and partying all night long.

Audience Engagement:

Radio Revolution thrives on connecting with the audience, turning every performance into an interactive experience. Jeni often invites guests to join her on stage for sing-alongs and memorable moments that create lasting memories.


Radio Revolution is available for bookings throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s a wedding celebration, corporate event, private party, or a high-energy nightclub gig, they are ready to make your event a musical sensation.

With their genre-spanning expertise and infectious energy, Radio Revolution ensures that your event is a memorable and inclusive musical journey. Their goal is simple: to create an electrifying atmosphere where everyone can come together and dance the night away, making your event an unforgettable experience for all.

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Telephone: 856-628-2684